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Online Marketing Strategies - Community Manager (MOOC)

Online Marketing Strategies - Community Manager (MOOC)

Titled Online Marketing Strategies. Community Manager, this course is offered in Spanish. It is structured in four modules dedicated to the community managers: online strategies, blogs and microblogs, social networks and community manager, and online advertising.


This course is presented by Francisco Suay, researcher in Integrated Marketing Comunications, and coordinator of the Marketing Direction Master at the CEU Cardenal Herrera university of Valencia (Spain). Francisco Suay has more than 15 years of experience in education, in marketing and advertising areas.

It is hosted on the Miríada X platform, and results in the obtention of a free Certificate of Participation upon completion with an average mark of at least 75% of its modules, and of a €40 Certificate of Accomplishment when the average mark is 100%.


Each module presents its objectives, its content, its recommended readings and resources, as well as a video interview with an actor of the field, but most of all a pdf document which contains the course by itself in slides. The quizzes are based on this pdf document.

The first course is centered on the web 2.0, the definition of an objective, a strategy and the tactics to put in place to reach it. It explains broadly the concepts of SEO and SEM, search engines, positionning, domain names and hosting. Francisco Suay interviews Ramón Pedrosa, director of the publicity agency Minister of Munitions.

The second module tells what a blog is and the difference with a regular website. It talks about WordPress and Blogger, but also about Twitter, presented as a microblogging platform (its social network aspect is volontarily reduced). The invitee is Odilo Montero, interviewed via Skype, who is licenciate in Advertising and Public Relations from the CEU of Valencia and creative in an advertising agency.

The third module is about social networks (most of all Facebook and Twitter) and the roles and functions of a Community Manager. It comes with a 12-minute interview of Noelia Ruiz, Community Manager and Digital Marketing Manager at MaxColchon.

The last module may look like an outsider as it is about online advertising. However, it puts in a practical perspective the knowledge acquired in the other modules, the one of an advertising campaign. It contains two videos: an interview with Vicente Ros, Head of Digital at Havas Media and director of the Communication and Digital Branding Master at the CEU university, and another between Ramón Pedrosa of the agency Minister of munitions and German Polo, marketing director of Fartons Polo, a Valencian food company.


The resources, as well as the interviews, are very important to my eyes, as they put the stress on the fact that a community manager or any other person interessed in online marketing has to keep an eye on all the tendancies and news from that domain. Digital marketing is always renewed, and the SEO rules are redefined by the main actors very often (starting with Google and its algorithms updates).

It is quite a pity to me that it is not the course by itself which is presented on video as in most of the MOOCs. It would have enabled Francisco Suay to bring life to his subject, as a document of about thirty slides is not the most engaging way to present it.

In the end, this course is a good introduction about social networks, community management and online advertising for beginners.

Suggested readings

The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide

The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success, by Marty Weintraub and Lauren Litwinka (2013)
The Social Media Bible

The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Business Success, by Lon Safko (2012)

Stratégies du marketing en ligne (MOOC) (in French)
Estrategias de Marketing Online (MOOC) (in Spanish)
Estratégias de marketing on-line (MOOC) (in Portuguese)

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