Monday, November 11, 2013

Online Advertising (MOOC)

The Online Advertising course I will talk about is a MOOC offered by the website. Its lecturer is Patty Keegan, who knows her subject first-hand, and does a great job at introducing it while not being too technical.


This course covers online advertising from the early days of the web to Real-time bidding, explaining the different types of ad formats, the digital platforms (search marketing, social marketplaces, and the emergence of mobile), the digital campaign planning and measurement with the importance of setting clear objectives and ways to measure they have been met throughout the campaign to its end.

Founder and Managing Director of Digital Chameleon, a practitioner-led courses and e-learning company, Patty Keegan, the instructor of this course, worked as media strategist, planner, buyer and interactive director in leading publishing companies and media agencies stretching from Boston to Sydney, on top of having been the founding General Manager of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in Australia.

Course overview

The course consists of four modules of one week each. During the first week, it talks about the evolution of online advertising, the early days of the web and the first ads served back in the days. The second week covers the different types of online advertising, ad formats, video ad formats, mobile apps, and the metrics used to measure performance. The third week is about digital platforms, drawing the landscape of search and social marketplaces and platforms, while the fourth week focuses on digital campaign planning and measurement, including the planning and selling processes, and the tracking and optimization of the campaign. Each module consists of eight videos of about ten minutes each. Each video is followed by a quiz to ensure that its content has been understood, and each module also ends with a quiz available at the end of the week. At the end of those four weeks, a Certificate of Achievement is issued if the results were conclusive.

On a side note, for a wide knowledge of the standard advertising formats for the web, the Interactive Advertising Bureau provides guidelines on its site. We can learn there what's behind terms like pushdown, super leaderboard or sidekick.

In October 2013, 865 students followed this course.

Benefits of the course

Even if this course does not go as deep as I would have liked it into the technicalities of real-time bidding, or the intricacies of a good briefing template, or the in-depth analysis of a specific campaign, it gives a wide understanding of the subject and covers many aspects of online advertising to dig deeper later.

Publicité en ligne (MOOC) (in French)
Publicidad en línea (MOOC) (in Spanish)
Publicidade em linha (MOOC) (in Portuguese)

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