Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's time to relax

The relaxing sounds of nature have that great way of making us forget all the stress within a few minutes of listening. Here is a selection of sites offering you a deep relaxation.

Rain for me
When your fan cannot fight the summer heat waves, it is high time to plug your headset and to listen to the sound of a storm and its raindrops, the thunder echoing around, and sometimes a few birds in the distance. Close your eyes and let the freshness invade you.

Full-screen videos and natural sounds of a river in the countryside, of waves splashing on a beach, a veil of rain or a river and its fauna in the twilight. All the relaxing effects of a nap in less than two minutes.

Mood Turn
Dolphins and whales singing, the cracklings of a bonfire with cicadas in the background, birds singing in the forest, frogs in a swamp, the night falling down on the countryside ou the strange noises of the rainforest accompanied with a sweet melody.

Rainy Mood
The rain, the water falling, the sound of the wind and the thunder in the distance, the storm is approaching…

Nap Sounds
And if you want to achieve a real deep, cleansing relaxation, there's nothing better than these guided nap sounds.

Photo credit: Jerry Adney via unsplash

C'est le moment de se détendre (in French)
Es el momento de relajarse (in Spanish)
É hora de relaxar (in Portuguese)

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