Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feelings localization in news perception

Yahoo Canada is taking into account the sentiments its readers feel when they read their news.

The section entitled What do you feel about this article? invites the readers to categorize it into the following categories: happy, informative, odd, boring, angry, interesting, sad, and worried. Each feeling is illustrated with a Smiley and clarified by one word. The readers can fill their opinion and share it on the social medias (Facebook and Twitter), then browse the news according to the shared feelings

 If the automatic caracterization of text feelings is not yet widely used in the visible web, the crowd-sourced evaluation of what felt their readers helps categorize them by using their emotional engagement. 

Nevertheless, the comparison of the feelings allowed to different cultures (the country and language couple here) is very informative about the differences (or preconceptions?) about them. If the French and English Canadian localizations are directly translated, neither Spanish people, nor Brasilian visitors are allowed to be interested by a news, while they can vote it as very entertaining, terrifying, or inspiring, which is not allowed to Canadians.

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