Sunday, June 24, 2012

Readability formulas for the Portuguese language

Portuguese Readability formulas

There seems to be no readability formula for the Portuguese language developped in the litterature, as most of them have been developped for the English language. However, these formulas can be used for the Portuguese language to a certain extent, either by using a translated text, or by directly applying them, or even by applying a formula based on a closely-related language.
Let's have a look on these three different approaches.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Writing for both visitors and search engines

When you write on the web, two audiences with slightly different needs have to be targeted: your site visitors and search engines.

What may look like a mere evidence at first sight, as search engines are supposed to put forward the pages which content is primarily targeted to their visitors, above all since the awakening of the Panda, then the Pinguin (and soon the Zebra too?), meets a real need.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who will be the next Google animal star?

Google Zebra filter
After having named its two last filters Panda and Pinguin, what will be the next web actors charming (or despised) animal?

Both share a big sympathy element: the Panda for its slowness and its black-circled eyes that make an adorable cuddy toy, and the Pinguin for… Happy Feet (how a waddling animal could be antipathique?). And both have low-key colors: black and white is the new rainbow.

Who is still competing in the animal kingdom for the next version of the filter?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Responsive web design

The usage trend tends to be more and more focussed on mobiles and tablets. The web is (and will be) more and more mobile and accessible from anywhere, under largely heterogeneous conditions. We cannot rely anymore on site statistics to know for which specific hardware and software configuration a web site should be aimed, as there is no ideal model user anymore (we can safely say there never was any, though).

If the marketing trend is to focus on sites dedicated to iPhone or iPad due to their penetration rate, it is inconceivable not to be aware of all the other devices, whether present or future, which characteristics differ (or will differ more and more).