Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scarcity by design, not by definition

As we have seen in the previous post of this series, there has never been a real scarcity of domain name extensions, but a carefully planned creation of new ones to feed the market throughout the years, with the exception of the country code TLDs and their international character set support. Beside the mere cost of a domain name, whether it is a regular one, an internationalized domain, or one of the nearly 2,000 soon-to-be launched over-priced extensions, there are still hidden costs to be aware of, most of them being external ones.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Handling plurals with the Yii PHP framework

Yii (which stands for Yes, it is) is a free, open-source PHP framework started by Qiang Xue in 2008. Aimed at performance, based on MVC architecture, and following the event-driven programming paradigm, it also supports message translation, date and time formatting, number formatting, and interface localization. We will focus here on the way Yii handles the plural form format in its message translation feature in its current release (1.1.13).