Saturday, August 27, 2011

Poetic SEO

Global thought of a local action, website promotion is an everlasting working process, each time thought again, never the same but always similar, with no fixed recipe but with adapted advices, a pinch of this, two drops of that, let it stew until it gets the consistence of a gravy, with no duration set beforehand.

You have to adapt to the content of the website to promote (the only real imperative), to detect the most in-demand content, the one that makes it unique, its intrinsic value, not necessarily the most viewed or shared (as this content is promoting itself, virally, even if in a second time...), but the one with the higher potential, that you need to identify first, even if you have to imagine it, to create it from scratch then to add it to the preexisting content, to fulfill this absence in filigree, to extend the metaphors and to map the ecosystem of the themes and the reasons of their attractiveness (for the visitors in flesh before the search engines algorithms), to build your own niche, your environment, your cozy nest to welcome visitors, then to send them back to your place, where you want to convert them and fulfill that created need, or even better: to send them to your place, but somewhere else, to create a maze, a rizhome that will send them to other aspects of that content, other usefulnesses, other visions, other questionings and other responses, other monetizations too, and to swarm other projects along the way, to throw stolons, spores (sites, blogs, themes, services), to let them grow, to garden them from time to time to make them adapt and grow more, until that starting site is not a shrub in the desert anymore, but a side of the global ecology, intrinsically linked, which blurred borders are not perceptible to the uninitiated.

SEO poétique (in French)
SEO poético (in Portuguese)
SEO poético (in Spanish)

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